Hagrid · 24 days ago

Today was rough. One of my coworkers, I'll call him "Chad", is pretty fun to be around a most of ...

Hagrid · about 1 month ago

Many people in life come and go. And it's a little sad.
My best friend growing up was Blake. Our mom's were close friends and Blake was like a brother to me from the time we were both babies. We stayed close friends but drifted apart in high school—Blake was hanging out with all the cool kids, sm...

jankratochvil · about 2 months ago


Hagrid · about 2 months ago

Partied with friends last night to bring in the new decade. Absolute blast but I'm super hungover today. Drank a lil too much, feel like crap. But on the upside, I have the day off and absolutely nothing to do but sit on the couch with my cat and relax.

motherearth99 · about 2 months ago

Hello 2020! May you be the best year for the universe! As I enter a new decade, I want to reflec...

Hagrid · about 2 months ago

I recently went on vacation to New Orleans.
Two experiences stuck out to me:
1. First, a group of street performers gathered a pretty big crowd (maybe 150 people) in the town square. The main hype man was good, really good at what he did. He was getting crowd all excited for the show to come and...

GreySkies · about 2 months ago

I had pasta for dinner and it tasted soooo good! I measured everything, and I felt entirely in co...

GreySkies · about 2 months ago

Day two of this new healthy eating kick. I went over the allotted calories I am told I have.

But I am totally okay with that because I made all around healthier choices today. First, instead of getting my usual soy latte at Starbucks, I opted for Peppermint tea, simply because I knew it would m...

GreySkies · about 2 months ago

I am currently, hands down, in the most healthy relationship of my life. And I am not just counti...

Hagrid · 2 months ago

Lu and I just did some exploring around NOLA. Super fun outing. We walked down to the Mississippi River, then headed over to Meyer Hat Shop to check out the hats. I found a hat I LOVED, a Stetson Gun Club in black. Super badass. And best yet: it was 50% off! So I bought that and ended up buying L...

SidTheKid · 2 months ago

Do you ever feel like there's an evil entity lurking in the shadows of your room? Tonight I felt ...

SidTheKid · 2 months ago

Why do we entrust a partner with all of our demons and feelings? Companionship is great, but I get stressed out from knowing that my partner keeps doing the opposite of what we talk about. I know they're trying their hardest and I fully support them. But nothing grinds my gears so much when they ...

Hagrid · 2 months ago

We through a Christmas party at our place last night—absolute blast. There were about 25-30 peopl...

Jaffajam · 3 months ago

Gratitude List
Wake up Gratitudes:
Feeling your breath and your heart beat
Having a roof over your head
Having a bed to sleep on
Sleeping undersheet and blankets to keep you warm
Having a furnace to keep you warm
Enjoying an air conditioner to keep you cool
Watching the sunrise
Cuddling with some...

Hagrid · 3 months ago

One of my most prized possessions is/was a huge glass carboy that holds about 12 gallons, the kin...

Hagrid · 3 months ago

I've been kinda "high strung" for most of my life.
From about the ages of 2-5 years old, I'd pass out from time to time after getting worked up over something. Insomnia through most of my childhood, I think due to over thinking above anything else. A full on phobia of public speaking all through ...

RainbowApocalypse · 3 months ago

I wanted someplace new. Someplace where no one knows me, and where I would'nt be recognized. But ...

Hagrid · 3 months ago

My wife and I drive a little Honda that's almost 15 years old with 185,000 miles, and it's really starting to show. So today, we test drove some new Honda's at the dealership which was fun but exhausting.
Tried the Honda Fit, and while it's a cool little car, it was definitely not what we're look...

SidTheKid · 3 months ago

I don't know what I should do sometimes with myself or with D.
Sometimes they seem okay and other...

motherearth99 · 3 months ago

I ate some delicious and healthy food today at school. (poké bowl & protein smoothie).
I saw my friend Zoe for a few minutes at my school today.

SidTheKid · 3 months ago

I miss Sid...

Hagrid · 3 months ago

Today I'm thankful for:
My cat, Georgie. She's a good cat.
My neighbor, J. I got to say, I have been really pissed off at J lately for building his greenhouse and blocking our view. But I'm trying to look at it a different way. He's a chill dude, hasn't been a dick, is just trying to live his bes...

SidTheKid · 4 months ago

Hello KindMind,
Here I am again. Angry, sad, resentful, disappointed, and upset. I put my faith, ...

dissociating. · 4 months ago

i feel removed from myself. so much i want to hide from. paralyzed by it. dissolving, trying to. constantly trying to.

Hagrid · 5 months ago

I had a dream last night that Blake and I were being chased by some crazed mad man. I can't reall...